The kind folks at Comedy Central have decided to let us have a show. It's called Jeff & Some Aliens, and it will premiere some time in 2016. Feel free to follow the show on Facebook or Twitter.

I made a small lo-fi video for Prophet Omega's song "Home Wrecker". I made it up as I went along.

We made 15 new shorts for the second season of Triptank, airing on Comedy Central now.

I made the end credit sequence for Janicza Bravo's new short "Pauline Alone".

I made a new little music video for Ali Young.

Alessandro, myself + Video Lou made 4 "Jeff & Some Aliens" shorts for Triptank on Comedy Central. You can see them all here.

I made two new impulisve little animated shorts. I wanna and practice.

Alessandro + I have been working on lots of exciting TV biz related things. We made a short called Jeff and Some Aliens for a new Comedy Central animated show called Triptank, we're making an animated presentation with our friends at Bento Box for Fox about 2 outsider freshmen in highschool, and we're making a pilot for Comedy Central that's a live action show that mixes in a little animation. When we find any extra time, we post little shorts on

I have a new drawing tumblr page, I made this promo for Catfish the TV show, and I'm working on a short about the time I got stabbed in Belize.


The "Amateur Rocketry" animated video I directed for Dan Wholey just played at the LA film Festival.


I directed an animated video for The Mountain Goats with the rest of Awesome + Modest.


I directed a video for Dan Wholey's song "Snakes" that features conspiracy writer and time travel expert, Preston B Nichols.


The Luckiest One short I made is playing at Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival.


I directed a short animation for Kate Spade. It was animated by Omega Darling and produced by Looseworld.


I co-directed a short for Funny or Die called Dry Season.


I directed a new music video for Dan Wholey and it will be released soon.


I directed a new music video for Bo Burnham with Duncan Skiles. It's called "Words Words Words" .


Johnny Pommoto and I started a podcast where we talk about movies.


I'm going to collaborate with Greener Media on a video for Cancer and Careers. I helped them on a video last year as well.


I made a little instructional video for Golf Coach Direct.


I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW was released on DVD in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia + Japan today. You can buy it here.


I just finished a little animation for CRAFT, a socially conscious advertising company.


Alessandro and I are developing our animated show, Basement Gary, in the FOX Inkubation program right now. We are making 3 two minute shorts which will be done in 2 months.


I worked with Oxfam and Greener media to raise awareness about the floods in Pakistan.


I just finished directing a music video for Bo Burnham with Duncan Skiles which will be released in September.


I made a short film called Cute Face.


Alessandro and I made a sample segment of a show we are developing called The Randolph Hotel, featuring The Safdie Bros.


I've been working with Abbey on a collaborative drawing Facebook app called Frankendraw and it's finally ready to be used.


I helped the Safdie Brothers make a little animated teaser for their film Daddy Longlegs.


I was just a judge for the Emmy's graphic design and animation category.


I made a short film in Boston called The Luckiest One, starring Dan Wholey. bundled it together with 5 other shorts, and released them for free. You can download the films here.


My animated ad for Wild Ones premiered on MySpace today


I was just interviewed by VICE about I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW.


My feature documentary, I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW, can be pre-ordered on Amazon UK now. It will be released on March 8th in the UK and elsewhere shortly after.


Rudy Manning and I co-directed a short film together called Tiny Dancers. It' also on youtube.


I just finished a viral ad for a Playdom Facebook game that will be released soon.